RAPID EXPRESS Wash Group strives every day to lessen our impact on the environment in all facets of how we operate our facilities.



The secret to


Key ingredients

Our cleaning formulas are the real workhorse to provide CLEAN AND SHINY.
Each product is designed and implemented in a specific manner to provide the right action at the right time to ensure your vehicle SHINES – Our vendor partners design the products to work with our 100% closed-cell foam wash material to ensure our soft touch wash process is the best in the business.

100% Biodegradeable Solutions

100% recyclable materials for product storage and transport

100% APE/NPE free product chemistry

100% phosphate free product chemistry

100% nontoxic product chemistry

100% nonflammable product chemistry

Each wash facility in our network is designed to provide the best car wash experience for our customer while adhering to strict goals and guidelines to remain as environmentally friendly and conservation minded as possible for today and for the future.

Our vendor partners use only the best, most proven technologies, ensuring our washes produce amazing results with less impact on the environment. We strive to provide a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

We are constantly evolving our practices and take great pride in our efforts to ensure THE RAPID WAY is delivering on its promise for a GREENER TOMORROW!

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