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1Do you offer interior and detail services at any locations?
Currently, we offer Full-Service wash and detail at our Courtesy Car wash, at 7102 N. Navarro St. Victoria, TX 77904. Tele # (361) 573-3212
2Can you wash soft top convertibles?
Yes. Our equipment is gentle enough for soft-top convertibles in good condition.
3Will my vehicle fit in your tunnel?
All stock vehicles can fit at all of our locations. If you have any aftermarket modifications (such as wide or offset tires & wheels, lifted vehicles, bumper modifications, or roof racks among others) we recommend checking with a manager at your convenient Rapid Express location to ensure your vehicle can fit.
4How do I know I receive the wash I paid for?
Through innovative technology, our point of sales system communicates with our tunnel controller as to what car is getting what wash. Also, through CarPics® technology, our team is able to see each car’s wash in real-time. We utilize RFID, and Loop system to identify and verify each vehicle! A Rapid Express Grand Entrance Arch will notify the customer what wash is being processed.
5How do I find my "Customer ID"?
Your "Customer ID" will be the code from the RFID sticker that was affixed to your windshield when you purchased your plan. This is an 11 digit number separated with a plus (+) symbol. (e.g. 12345+123456). If you were not issued an RFID sticker you should enter your license plate number. Note: License plate numbers should not include spaces and must include the issuing state code.


1Do you offer discounts if I have more than 1 car?
Yes. We only offer Family Plan for our Rapid Falls Wash. With our family plans, each additional vehicle will receive the Rapid Falls Wash ( $29.99 Value ) for a discounted price of $19.99 per month on monthly memberships!
2Do I need a credit card to sign up for a membership?
Yes. A credit or debit card is required for sign up.
3Can I change my membership package?
Yes. You can change your package at any time at your convenient Rapid Express Location.
4I have new license plates
If you get a new license plate, you can update your license plate at your convenient Rapid Express location.
5I have no rear license plate
If you do not have a rear license plate, we will apply an RFID sticker to your windshield.
6Will I receive the same service package I signed up for, even if I go to a location other than the one I originally signed up at?
Yes. You will receive the same wash package at all Rapid Express locations in Texas.
7How do I pay for my GO Car Wash Unlimited plan?
The credit or debit card used when you go Unlimited will be charged monthly on your anniversary date.
8How often can I wash my vehicle?
You can wash your car Once a Day. As often as you’d like each month that your Unlimited membership remains active!
9Where can I use my Unlimited plan?
You can use your Unlimited plan at any Rapid Express Car Wash in Texas.
10How do I cancel my Unlimited membership?
You can discontinue your plan online or visit your local Rapid Express Car Wash and speak with a team member. There is no contract or obligation and you can cancel at any time (please allow 7 days to process). No refunds will be given when discontinuing.
11Can my Unlimited plan be used for more than one vehicle?
An Unlimited plan is for one vehicle and is not transferable.
12What if I get a new credit card?
You can talk with a team member at your local Rapid Express Car Wash or update your card information online now.
13How long does it take for my plan to be canceled?
In order to allow processing time, any updates should be completed 7 business days prior to the anniversary date on which your card will be recharged. If you cancel, your plan will remain active until the next billing date and you may continue to wash during this time.
14Will I receive a refund after canceling my plan?
No, you will not receive a refund. Your plan will remain active until the next billing date.
15Will I receive an email confirmation after I update my credit card or cancel my plan?
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after you complete your request online.
16Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after you complete your request.
We would be happy for you to return as an Unlimited member. Simply visit your local Rapid Express Car Wash or re-enroll online now.

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